WorkflowHow Startup Works

The step-wise procedure, The applicant needed to follow, is as shown below;

The startup Innovator will submit its application through online application form.

On line applications received on the portal would be forwarded to the concerned incubation centres.

The innovator will approach Incubation Centre with his proposal of innovative idea/concept for recommendation.

The Committee will approve idea/concept of an individual or group of individuals duly recommended by institution.

The institution will submit proposal to Directorate of Industries to avail assistance as provided under the scheme and the Empowered committee will sanction the assistance.

The selected candidate whose project is approved by the committee will be eligible for sustenance allowance for one year and it will be paid by Department of Industries in favour of the innovator directly after receiving monthly progress reports from Incubation Centres.

Once the idea commercialized the Innovator will apply to Industries Department through Incubation Centre to avail benefits such as marketing assistance, venture capital etc.