Sr. No. Event Date
1.)Technologies enabled Innovations can build the Next Gen startup2023-01-17
2.)Entrepreneurial Venture based Tech Innovation & Creative applications2023-01-16
3.)3D Printing Tech Innovation-based Startup - Simplifying Complex Machine Design2023-01-09
4.)Embedded Technologies Innovation Startup for Healthcare services2022-12-23
5.)Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy-Healthcare Technologies2022-12-21
6.)Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills & Traits to build your Startup2022-12-02
7.)Innovative Startup Opportunities with Cognitive Abilities2022-12-02
8.)Entrepreneurial Skills & Traits to build your Startup2022-12-01
9.)Gaming Technologies as an Entrepreneurship Opportunities2022-12-01
10.)Innovation Excellence will drive your profitable Startup2022-12-01
11.)AR & VR Technologies driven Startup Opportunities2022-12-01
12.)Leveraging Deep Technologies for your Startup2022-11-29
13.)Next-Gen Tech Entrepreneurship with Innovation & Creativity2022-11-29
14.)Smart Choice of Technological Innovation in Entrepreneurship2022-11-29
15.)Step into the Light of Entrepreneurship with Technologies2022-11-29
16.)Innovative IT-Enabled Solutions in Core Technologies to build2022-11-28
17.)Entrepreneurship Opportunities to Kick Off your StartUp2022-11-28
18.)Entrepreneurial Education for your StartUp Opportunities2022-11-28
19.)Technologies Entrepreneurship in Healthcare, FinTech & EduTech2022-11-28
20.)Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Nursing2022-11-16
21.)Innovations & Start-Up Healthcare -Ensuring Healthy Lives2022-11-04
22.)Biz Quiz 222022-09-15
23.)Proceeding of seed fund sesssion under "Chief Minister's Startup/Innovation Projects"2022-09-14
24.)TIEDC Orientation for the first year students of JUIT2022-09-02
25.)Panel discussion with Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem enablers2022-08-31
26.)World Entrepreneurship Day Celebration2022-08-30
27.)Converting Innovation into a Start-up2022-08-27
28.)HST - Himalayan Startup Trek 20222022-08-26
29.)3 Minute Thesis2022-08-17
30.)Startup Wars2022-08-09
31.)Proceedings of Online Workshop on Patent under "Chief Minister's Startup/Innovation Projects/New Industries Scheme"2022-08-08
32.)Interaction of students with Prof. B.R. Mehta Director (Research, Innovation and Development), Jaypee Universities2022-08-03
33.)Visit to IIC regional meet for the NWRO Zone at Chandigarh University2022-07-26
34.)MailChimp Workshop2022-07-07
36.)Interaction with Additional Controller of Stores2021-12-16
37.)E-Summit'21 report2021-12-15
38.)Interaction with Mentors in TIED Cell2021-11-27
39.)VICHARANA 3.0: Sustainable Development2021-10-09
40.)Orientation Program2021-10-06
41.)Virtual Road Show2021-09-05